Apocynum venetum extract 10:1 Treatment of hypertension, heart failure, edema, prevention and treatment of cold
Apocynum venetum extract 10:1 Treatment of hypertension, heart failure, edema, prevention and treatment of cold image 1

Apocynum venetum extract 10:1 Treatment of hypertension, heart failure, edema, prevention and treatment of cold

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Ingredient: Apocynum venetum extract 10:1

Model Number: Apocynum venetum extract 10:1

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Product Description

 Loquat leaf extract 10:1 anticancer  Hypolipidemic  Hypotensive  Anti-atherosclerosis  Improving coronary circulation 


clinical application
(1) Treatment of hypertension
Use Apocynum venetum leaves for 1-2 yuan a day, boiling water for tea, or frying them regularly in the morning and evening. A total of 596 cases were treated, of which 169 cases were treated with Apocynum leaves alone; 427 cases were treated with Apocynum venetum instead of Apocynum venetum, or with Apocynum venetum combined with other antihypertensive drugs, whose blood pressure dropped to a certain extent and then consolidated with Apocynum venetum. Results The symptoms disappeared or significantly alleviated in 254 cases and alleviated in 212 cases, including 143 patients whose blood pressure dropped below 140/90 mm Hg column and 268 patients whose systolic or diastolic blood pressure dropped above 20 mm Hg column. The effective rate was 88.59%. The longer the time of taking Apocynum venetum tea, the higher the curative effect, more than half a year up to 93.3%; but the curative effect of Apocynum venetum has no significant relationship with the duration of the disease. For headache, vertigo, brain swelling, insomnia and edema have better alleviating effect. This medicine is more suitable for stage I and II patients, or as an adjuvant to the treatment of hypertension, has better curative effect on improving symptoms. Side effects: more for bowel sounding, diarrhea; occasional stomachache, bad appetite, dry mouth, bitter mouth; individual occurrence of asthma or liver pain. [3]
(2) Treatment of heart failure
Take dried Apocynum venetum root (cut) for 5 yuan (about 16 grams), add water about 300 ml, soak for 12 hours, decoct for 1 hour with gentle fire, cool and filter, get about 200 ml of filtrate, add a little Nipagin ester, that is, make 80% decoction. After admission, patients with congestive heart failure of degree II or III were given Decoction 100 ml each time, twice a day. When the heart rate is reduced to 70-80 beats per minute, it should be maintained once a day, about 50 ml each time. Fifty patients with chronic congestive heart failure were observed. The cardiotonic effect was analyzed from 3 to 5 days after medication. The results showed that 31 cases were markedly effective (symptoms and signs were significantly reduced, heart rate slowed down to normal range), 16 cases were effective (symptoms and signs were improved, heart rate slowed down but not to normal), and 3 cases were ineffective. The heart rate of multi-pathogenic patients gradually decreased to below 80 times in 3 days after taking medicine, to normal after 2 times of taking medicine as fast as possible, and to normal after 5 days of taking medicine as slowest. When it returns to normal, other symptoms and signs of heart failure generally improve or disappear. Thereafter, the maintenance amount will be used. After medication, some patients showed the effect of Rehmannia glutinosa on electrocardiogram, the S-T segment declined obliquely, and fused with the T-wave front. Side effects and toxic reactions: mainly in the digestive tract, nausea and diarrhea are the most common; if the dose can be reduced in time, the reaction can be reduced or disappeared, otherwise continue to develop and vomiting. Cardiac side effects are mainly bradycardia and premature contraction, which can disappear after timely withdrawal of drugs. [3]
(3) Treatment of edema
34 cases of edema caused by various reasons were observed by decocting Apocynum venetum with 4-5 money water twice a day. It was proved that Apocynum venetum has certain diuretic and detumescent effect. The observed cases included 10 cases of renal edema and 10 cases of cardiac edema, 6 cases of cirrhosis edema, 5 cases of pregnancy edema, 3 cases of other edema, most of them were critically ill patients, and the effect of other diuretics was not significant. After taking Apocynum venetum root, 10 cases were markedly effective and 19 cases were effective. In addition to pregnancy edema, other patients generally have appetite increase, sleep improvement, increased urine volume, edema subsidence, lower blood pressure and other manifestations. Potassium deficiency should be noticed in the treatment. [3]
(4) Prevention and treatment of cold
With 500 grams of Zecha Ma, add 5000 ml of water, decoct to 2500 ml, add preservatives. Take it twice a day, 50-100 ml each time. Or make 50% injection, 2 - 3 times a day, 2 ml each time, intramuscular injection. A total of 120 cases were treated, and 107 cases were cured, accounting for 89.2%. The curative effect of wind-cold type is better than that of wind-heat type. It was found in the treatment that Rhizoma Euphorbiae seems to have relaxation effect on tracheal smooth muscle. Some patients with asthma were relieved or disappeared after taking medicine for three days. It seems to be effective to take 50-100 ml of decoction twice a day for prevention, but there are few cases, which need further verification. [3]
pharmacological action
1. Antihypertensive effect
After 2 hours of intragastric administration of Apocynum venetum leaf Decoction to renal hypertensive dogs, blood pressure dropped from 194/142 mm to 152/100 mm, and remained stable at a low level until 3 days later. [2]
2. Cardiotonic effect
Canadian Marmatin contained in Apocynum venetum root can increase the contraction amplitude and slow the heart rate in vitro and in situ cats, then arrhythmia, and finally the heart stops in the systole. Its action properties and speed are similar to those of Trichinella venetum. Pentobarbital sodium and other central inhibitors can weaken its cardiotonic effect. The extract of Apocynum venetum root was used to study the cardiac glycoside-like effect in situ cat hearts. [2]
3. Effect on experimental heart disease
Canadian Marmatin has therapeutic effect on experimental cardiovascular insufficiency in dogs. The symptoms of acute circulatory disturbance in rabbit myocarditis are alleviated, and it can prevent myocardial and coronary atherosclerosis. This effect is superior to trichosanthin. It can restore the ECG changes of atherosclerotic rabbits to normal, especially the contraction of coronary artery. It also has curative effect on atherosclerosis caused by pituitrin and thrombin, but is weak. It can increase cardiac glycogen biosynthesis. These results suggest that Apocynum venetum leaves can reduce the increase of endogenous blood lipids. [2]
4. Anti-radiation Damage
Apocynum venetum leaf extract 2 g/kg intragastric administration, 0.5 g/kg intraperitoneal injection for 15-20 days can prolong the survival days of mice irradiated by 60Co gamma-ray, increase the survival rate, increase the number of white blood cells in blood. Quercetin 30 mg/kg intragastric administration also has the same effect. It is considered that the anti-radiation effect of Apocynum venetum leaves is related to quercetin. [2]
5. The function of spleen
Tridecanol had no significant effect on the growth of normal young rats; it had a weight-increasing effect on the spleen of mice, especially 20 mg/kg intramuscular injection; it had different effects on the thymus of mice; the thymus of adult rats increased slightly, while that of young rats slightly decreased; it had an obvious antagonistic effect on the weight-reducing of the spleen and thymus caused by cyclophosphamide; it had an enhanced effect on the phagocytic function of peritoneal macrophages in mice. [2]
6. The Role of Cardiovascular System
Apocynum extract water filtrate (10%) was injected intravenously (2.0 ml/kg, 3.6 ml/min) at a constant rate in anesthetized dogs, and blood pressure decreased. The lowering of blood pressure was accompanied by heart rate slowdown (r=0.83), which lasted for 30 minutes after self-administration. The decrease of blood pressure was accompanied by the decrease of cardiac output, cardiac index, cardiac index and left circumflex coronary artery blood flow. There was no effect on the pre-and post-cardiac load. The intramuscular oxygen consumption decreased after 3 minutes of intravenous injection. [2]
7. Diuresis
The water extract of Apocynum venetum leaves and the burnt residue of the extract had diuretic effect. The total urine volume of rats increased by 50.60% and 32.28% respectively 6-24 hours and 24 hours after oral administration of the water extract of Apocynum venetum leaves. At the same time, the urine sodium and urine potassium excretion increased accordingly, but there was no significant difference in urine potassium and urine sodium concentration between the administration group and the control group. [2]
8. Hypolipidemic effect
Apocynum venetum leaf extract could significantly reduce the serum total cholesterol and triglyceride values of rats with hyperlipidemia caused by Triton, but could not reduce the cholesterol values of mice with hypercholesterolemia caused by high-fat diet. [2]
9. Anti-aging effect
The extract of Apocynum venetum leaves has the effects of delaying senility or prolonging life span on Drosophila melanogaster, silkworm and mice. The extract of Apocynum venetum leaves can reduce the content of visceral lipofuscin in mice to varying degrees and increase the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in liver and heart of mice of different age groups. Apocynum venetum tea can increase SOD and HDL-e in erythrocyte, which may be beneficial to prevent atherosclerosis. [2]
10. Other roles
Intraperitoneal injection of Apocynum venetum extract 0.5g/kg for 30 minutes could significantly reduce spontaneous activity of mice, which lasted for more than 5 hours. It also had synergistic effect on sedation and hypnosis of pentobarbital, and had certain anti-convulsive effect. When the concentration of Apocynum venetum leaves decoction was 1:1000, the contraction amplitude and frequency of isolated rat uterine smooth muscle were not significantly affected. At 1:2000, the contraction of isolated rabbit intestinal muscle and rat uterus were significantly reduced and the frequency was slowed down. [2]
chemical composition
The leaves contain quercetin, iso-quercitrin and hyperoside.
Rutin, catechin, anthraquinone, glutamic acid, alanine, valine and other amino acids, nona-cosane, triacontanol, hentriacontane, lupenyl palmitate, bee palmitate, etc. Myricylpamitate, hexadecyl palmitate, meso-inositol, beta-sitosterol, potassium chloride, tannins and polysaccharides, lupeol, isofraxidin and scopoletin, etc. The root contains Canadian cymarin, K-stro-phanthin-beta and strophanthidin.






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