Clematis extract 10:1 Removing rheumatism, dredging meridians and collaterals, removing bone stalks Treatment of gallstones
Clematis extract 10:1 Removing rheumatism, dredging meridians and collaterals, removing bone stalks Treatment of gallstones image 1

Clematis extract 10:1 Removing rheumatism, dredging meridians and collaterals, removing bone stalks Treatment of gallstones

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Type Glitter
Use Body
Model Number Clematis extract 10:1
Ingredient Clematis extract 10:1
Quantity 100g.250g.500g.750g.1000g
NET WT 100g.250g.500g.750g.1000g


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Ingredient: Clematis extract 10:1

Model Number: Clematis extract 10:1

.NET WT:100g.250g.500g.750g.1000g

shelf life:2year                                                                                 

Product Description

 Clematis extract 10:1 Removing rheumatism, dredging meridians and collaterals, removing bone stalks Treatment of gallstones


The efficacy and function of Clematis
Removing rheumatism and dredging channels and collaterals. For rheumatism, arthralgia, limb numbness, muscle and vein constriction, flexion and extension is not conducive.
Usage and dosage: 6-10g.
Diuresis, meridians, collaterals, pain relief, rheumatism.
1. Removing wind and dampness (rheumatism arthralgia syndrome) is used to treat rheumatism arthralgia, while the prevailing wind pathogens are used to treat arthralgia. This character is good at running, no matter where the disease can be used. It can be used solely for final clothes or with windbreak and solitary activity. It can also be used to treat pain caused by falling and beating, headache, toothache, epigastric pain, hypochondriac and costal pain, joint pain, etc.
2. Softening bones (pharynx and larynx of bones) can be treated with Decoction alone to relieve pain in pharynx and difficulty in swallowing. If it is used to treat the pharynx of fish bones, it is better to add rice vinegar and granulated sugar to decoct. Especially for the small body or in the middle and lower esophagus, the curative effect is better. This product tastes salty and can be soft and firm. It can also be used to treat phlegm and drink, choking, rubella and so on.
Willingness governs
Rheumatism, arthralgia, numbness of limbs, trauma, choking, throat, tonsillitis, filariasis, corneal ulceration, gout, stubborn paralysis, lumbar and knee cold pain, beriberi, malaria, tetanus, ossopharynx, external use for toothache and other diseases.
Clinical commonly used treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, heel pain, fishbone oolk throat, acute jaundice hepatitis, mumps, laryngopharyngitis, esophagitis, acute mastitis, cholelithiasis and cholecystitis, stomach pain, hypertrophic spondylitis and induced labor.
Studies on the Composition and Modern Pharmacology of Herba Clematis
It contains clematine, clematine and anemone, and many saponins with ivy saponins and oleanolic acid as aglycones.
Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Clematis has analgesic, choleretic, antimicrobial, anti-histamine stimulating and anti-diuretic effects, as well as induction of labor, relaxation of smooth muscle, softening of fish bone spine, relaxation of local muscles, and promotion of Bone Spine shedding.
1. Weiling cactus extract and alcohol precipitation preparation (.8g/kg) can obviously resist the cardiac ischemia and hypotension induced by pituitrin, and has the effect of first inhibiting and then exciting the heart.
2. The alcohol-water extract of Clematis can promote bile secretion and relax the sphincter at the end of common bile duct.
3. The alcoholic extract of Clematis can relax the isolated ileum smooth muscle of animals.
4. Both the rhizome and fibrous root of Clematis chinensis have the effect of inhibiting P. berghei malaria, and the anti-malaria effect of fibrous root is obviously better than that of rhizome.
Willingness taboo
Qi deficiency and blood weakness should be avoided.
Pregnant women should not use it. Use cautiously for children.
Fresh food is not suitable for oral use.
Tea and noodle soup are not recommended during medication.
It should not be used with aconite.






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