AD9850 module DDS signal generator sine wave square wave adjustable duty cycle Send STM32 program
AD9850 module DDS signal generator sine wave square wave adjustable duty cycle Send STM32 program image 1
AD9850 module DDS signal generator sine wave square wave adjustable duty cycle Send STM32 program image 2
AD9850 module DDS signal generator sine wave square wave adjustable duty cycle Send STM32 program image 3

AD9850 module DDS signal generator sine wave square wave adjustable duty cycle Send STM32 program

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 The store has designed a series of DDS kits to facilitate thesecondary development and use of students and project users. Our AD9850 DDSmodule has two sine wave outputs and one adjustable duty cycle square waveoutput for easy use. We don't save materials, all of them use large-capacitytantalum capacitors as power supply filters to make the power supply ripplebetter. In the PCB layout, strictly follow the RF traces, calculate the impedanceand phase delay through APPCAD, etc, can effectively reduce the signalattenuation, especially the high-frequency signal, and follow the short circuto provide current on the power trace, reduce power disturbances. 


shipping list


AD9850 module shipping list

Physical module + PDF schematic diagram + routine source code + after-sale technical support + electrostatic bag packaging + shockproof foam


(1) The module interface of our shop is clear and the performance is stable. Please perform functional verification under the corresponding experimental conditions in conjunction with the schematic diagram provided by our shop.

(2) The basic parameters of this module are in the detail page, providing PDF information of the module information and source code of the routine. If no engineering documents are provided, please make sure that the buyer knows, if there is any operation problem, you can consult customer service.

(3) Buyers, before using the module, please read the details page of this module to understand the power supply and use restrictions, to avoid damage to the module due to improper operation.

(4) Our modules are guaranteed to provide real module parameters, functions and pictures, and all modules will be shipped after detection.

Please contact customer service after purchase, we will send the information to your mailbox


Module parameters


Module model: AD9850

Module type: digital synthesis frequency source

Module power supply: DC-5V

Module current: 80mA (MAX); normal drive current 78mA (TYP)

Module communication protocol: SPI serial or parallel

Module provides routines: STM32F103RCT6

Routine platform: STM32F103X-M3; KEIL5 version source code

Module system frequency: 125MHz (MAX)

DAC resolution digits: 10 digits

Phase accumulator bits: 32 bits

Module output interface: SMA; 24-hour salt spray anti-oxidation

Module output signals: sine wave, square wave; sine wave with 65MHz low-pass filter. Square wave coupling output.

Module output channel: 2 channel differential; phase difference is 180 degrees, high frequency output will have phase shift due to filter

Signal characteristics of the module: the sine wave has no coupling output; the output has its own DC component. If it is connected to RF equipment, please add a DC blocker or use an oscilloscope to measure directly

Maximum main frequency output sine wave signal range: 1Hz-65MHz

The maximum main frequency output square wave signal range: 1Hz-30MHz; above 10MHz, the oscilloscope input impedance is 50 ohms, and the square wave duty cycle is adjustable.

Output amplitude: sine wave 340mVpp (MAX) square wave 5Vpp; sine wave amplitude decreases with increasing frequency, square wave waveform changes with increasing frequency

Output impedance: 75 ohms

Module features: multiple; high-performance DDS sine wave signal generator, high-order elliptic filter,

Low noise regulator chip, etc.

Module application: multiple; frequency signal generation, sine wave, square wave signal generation, sensor excitation

Module weight: 30g

Module specifications: 70*50*12; length * width * height-PCB size

Module interface type: SMA signal output and external clock input, DC5.5 power socket

XH2.54-14PIN double-row pin data interface


Module description


The AD9850 is a highly integrated device that uses advanced DDS technology, coupled with an internal high-speed, high-performance D/A converter and comparator, to form a digitally programmable frequency synthesizer and clock generator function. When referring to the accurate clock source, the AD9850 generates a stable frequency and performs a phase-programmable digital analog output sine wave. The sine wave can be used directly as a frequency source, or internally converted into a square wave agile clock generator application. The AD9850's innovative high-speed DDS core accepts a 32-bit frequency tuning word. The result is a 0.0291 Hz tuning resolution input that outputs a 125 MHz reference clock.



Precautions for using the module


(1) The module is a low-power module, and the power supply does not exceed 5.2V.

(2) Since the module is a high-precision device, in order to avoid unnecessary interference, it is recommended to use a linear power supply.

(3) It is recommended to use the SMA to BNC cable to directly observe the output signal for the output signal. Poor contact or poor quality wires may cause signal attenuation or excessive noise.

(4) The delivered code is only used for the supporting main control board, and does not provide a microcontroller tutorial. Additional functions need to be developed by yourself.

(5) If you need to simply test the function of the module, it is recommended to use it with the control board of our store. Power is supplied to the DDS module first, and then the power is supplied to the control board to generate a waveform. Long press the middle button to switch the function.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the main frequency of the module? Can the output amplitude be adjusted?

A: The main frequency of the module is determined by the input clock. The default onboard clock is 125MHz, that is, the default main frequency is 125MHz. The output amplitude is fixed and there is no way to program it.

Q: Can the module achieve frequency sweep? Is the square wave duty cycle adjustable?

A: The module can realize frequency sweep, the code provided by our store can support frequency sweep. The square wave duty cycle of the module can be adjusted.

Q: Can the two channels be adjusted independently? Can it be modulated?

A: The two channels have a fixed phase difference of 180 degrees, and the frequency is higher. Due to the tolerance of the filter, a phase shift may occur and cannot be adjusted independently. The default code is a point frequency signal, other modes need to be programmed by themselves.




About Elecdemo:

Elecdemonded in 2015 , Elecdemo is a well-established technology company that integrates supply , R & D , prodund sales , supporting agents , franchises , customization and bulk purchases . We are committed to provid our customers with the best electronic functional module products at the lowest price . We have a professional design and production team to providecustomer service to help our customers greatly improve the efficiency of development,learn and research.


About Transpiration:

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2. Import duties: Taxes are not included in theprice or shipping costs. Customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

3. If the package is not delivered within 30 days. please contact us. We will help you solve the problem.


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