Khadas VIM1 Pro Quad Core ARM Development Board Amlogic S905X Open Source
Khadas VIM1 Pro Quad Core ARM Development Board Amlogic S905X Open Source image 1
Khadas VIM1 Pro Quad Core ARM Development Board Amlogic S905X Open Source image 2
Khadas VIM1 Pro Quad Core ARM Development Board Amlogic S905X Open Source image 3
Khadas VIM1 Pro Quad Core ARM Development Board Amlogic S905X Open Source image 4
Khadas VIM1 Pro Quad Core ARM Development Board Amlogic S905X Open Source image 5

Khadas VIM1 Pro Quad Core ARM Development Board Amlogic S905X Open Source

US $54.99


Amlogic S905X ARM64 Development Board
ALI VIM1 V14 03
Amlogic S905X SoC
1.5GHz 64-bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 SoC
Mali-450 GPU
HDMI 2.0a with 4K H.265/VP9 10bit & HDR10 Video Processing
Flexible Connectivity
USB Type-C for power, and USB 2.0 OTG support
Maker Friendly
Built-in RTC, VIN-port, 40-pin GPIO, x3 user buttons, hardware encryption
Android 7.1 pre-installed, Android 8.0, LibreELEC, Ubuntu 18.04 and Buildroot
Built-in Memory
2GB DDR3 RAM, and up to 16GB EMMC-V5.0 storage
Built-in Wi-Fi
AP6212 b/g/n or AP6255 802.11b/n/g/ac, with Bluetooth 4.2
​Tiny Form Factor
Thin and light with the dimensions of a credit card
VIM1 is the original Amlogic S905X ARM development board designed by Khadas for hobbyists, makers and electronic fans; many also affectionately refer to it as an “Open Source TV Box”. It is tiny, slightly smaller than a Raspberry Pi with dimensions similar to that of a credit card. VIM1 is only available in two versions: VIM1 Basic with 8GB EMMC storage and AP6212 (b/g/n) Wi-Fi, and VIM1 Pro with 16GB EMMC storage and AP6255 (b/g/n/ac) Wi-Fi. Both versions have 2GB of DDR3 RAM and Bluetooth 4.2.
Just like your familiar desktop computer, the VIM1 single board computer supports the booting of multiple operating systems. You can choose from a variety of OS images (ROMs) from our Khadas Docs or Community Forum. Popular OSes include: Android 7.1 / 9.0, Ubuntu 18.04, LibreELEC, Armbian, Buildroot, and so on. There are even dual-boot images, for developers to boot both Android and Ubuntu from the same EMMC.
Developers will find the built-in 40-pin GPIO, real-time-clock (RTC) and VIN port for an extra power supply, to be very handy. In addition, the three user-buttons on the side provide easy access to power, reset and function keys. Full open source code is available on Github, and hardware schematics can be found in our documentation. To top it all of, there’s even a built-in power control unit for supporting power-cycling via a remote control.
In comparison with the Octa-Core Amlogic S912 SoC in the VIM2, the Quad-Core S905X SoC in the VIM1 generates significantly less heat. This makes the VIM1 especially useful in environments that only allow passive air convection for heat dissipation, rather than forced airflow. In many instances, a single heatsink is sufficient, and some users may even find a heatsink unnecessary for their applications.
vim1 rom 2.0
              mini-computer.png                                              crypto-miner.png                                                     4k.png
  Mini Computer              Computing Cluster                 TV Box      
Install a desktop OS like Ubuntu             Network VIM1 SBCs to make a                Install a media OS like LibreELEC 
and run Open Office, and more.              computing or server cluster.                     for watching movies and TV
             dev-board.png                                              mini-server.png                         
   Development                   Nano Server  
Android 7.1 / 8.0, Docker, Buildroot          Install a server OS, and run web
and Fenix for developers.                         services, a file server, and more.
[1] MCU: Power management, EEPROM for customization.
[2] Khadas TST feature enables developers to enter upgrade mode easily, just press the function key 3 times in 2 seconds.
[3] Fenix Script: One-click script for building Linux Distributions.
VIM Family


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В пути полтора месяца, упаковка отличная. Покупал с радиатором - идеально совпало по установке. Предустановлен Андроид. Скачал образ Ubuntu с оф. сайта и установил в EMMC - все получилось. Старый монитор 3х4 ругается на разрешение, но видео выводит. Греется умеренно - около 50-55 гр. под нагрузкой. Понравились все разъемы на одной стороне, не как в Малине. Отличный продукт, рекомендую, продавцу удачи в бизнесе

2020-07-16 03:21:00

Very fast delivery to Podolsk.

2020-06-15 00:14:00

Very cool little board. The Android image that came on it is nice for proving it boots & such. I've already replaced that with an Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Kvim1_buster_current_5.7.19 image I built from the armbian-builder tools on GitHub. I'm very happy.

2020-09-03 13:41:00

maxi correct recommended seller accurate correct communicative

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It is nice product. Thank you for your goods.

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