LTC1069 Module 8th order low pass filter Progressive Ellipse filter 2-Way Output  External clock Control Module demo board
LTC1069 Module 8th order low pass filter Progressive Ellipse filter 2-Way Output  External clock Control Module demo board image 1
LTC1069 Module 8th order low pass filter Progressive Ellipse filter 2-Way Output  External clock Control Module demo board image 2

LTC1069 Module 8th order low pass filter Progressive Ellipse filter 2-Way Output External clock Control Module demo board

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Layout is regular, strictly according to the filter circuit design to layout and wiring, generous materials, can complete the low-pass filtering function below 12.5KHz, easy to use, suitable for student competition module and personal project development.



LTC1069 module shipping list


Physical module + PDF schematic diagram + after-sale technical support + electrostatic bag packaging + shockproof foam


(1) The module interface of our shop is clear and the performance is stable. Please perform functional verification under the corresponding experimental conditions in conjunction with the schematic diagram provided by our shop.

(2) The basic parameters of this module are in the details page, providing PDF information of the module information; engineering documents are not provided, please be clear to the buyer, if you have operational problems, you can consult customer service.

(3) Buyers, before using the module, please read the details page of this module to understand the power supply and use restrictions, to avoid damage to the module due to improper operation.

(4) Our modules are guaranteed to provide real module parameters, functions and pictures, and all modules will be shipped after detection.



Module parameters



Module model: LTC1069

Module type: switched capacitor filter

Power supply voltage: ± 5V

Module current: 7mA

Module control mode: clock control; default onboard RC clock, external clock input

Module clock frequency: 1.25MHz (MAX)

Filter type: low pass

Filter order: eighth order

Low-pass cut-off frequency range: 0.1Hz-12.5KHz

Input signal form: single-ended

Input channel: 2 channels; can be cascaded

Input signal voltage range: 0.4Vpp-3.5Vpp

Input frequency range: 100Hz-12.5KHz; if you want low frequency (<100Hz) output without attenuation, you can change the input and output coupling capacitor to 0R

Module gain range: none

Input and output signal characteristics: coupled input and output; output with DC component, can be directly measured with an oscilloscope. Because it is a switched capacitor filter, the output signal is sawtooth.

Module input and output interface: SMA; 24-hour salt spray anti-oxidation

Module protection: none; no reverse connection protection, unlimited current protection

Module features: multiple; program-controlled filters, multi-function filters, universal adjustable filters

Module application: multiple; power system, sensor signal processing, transmitter and receiver, signal generator

Module specifications: 50 * 50 * 14mm; length * width * height-PCB size

Module weight: 18.3g

Module working temperature: 0-75 ℃; civil grade



Module description


The LTC1069 is a monolithic 8th-order low-pass filter that provides a clock-tunable cut-off frequency. LTC1069 is a single 3.3V working power supply. The LTC1069's cutoff frequency (fCUTOFF) is equal to the clock frequency divided by 100.

The gain at the cutoff frequency is -0.7dB, and the typical passband ripple is ± 0.15dB (in the

Up to 0.9 cut-off frequency zone). The stopband attenuation of the LTC1069 has a gradual

Progressive ellipse response at 1.2 cutoff frequency, 1.4 cutoff frequency and 2 cutoff frequency conditions

The attenuation at the lower reaches 20dB, 52dB and 70dB respectively.

The module uses a 5V power supply. The cut-off frequency of the LTC1069 can be tuned to 12kHz by the clock; when the chip uses a single 5V power supply, the maximum cut-off frequency is 8kHz. Generally used in power system, sensor signal processing, transmitter and receiver, signal generator processing, etc.


Chip characteristics:

*8-Order Elliptic Filter with S0-8 Package
*Using single 3.3V to 5V power supply
*- 20dB attenuation (1.2 FCUTOFF)
*- 52 dB attenuation (1.4 FCUTOFF)
*- 70dB attenuation (at 2 FCUTOFF)
*Wide dynamic range:
*Broadband noise of 110 mu VRMS
*3.8mA power supply current (using +5V power supply)
*25mA power supply current (single 5V power supply)
*2 mA power supply current (single 3.3V power supply)

Precautions for using the module



(1) The power supply of the module is a positive and negative dual power supply, and the voltage cannot exceed 5.5V.

(2) Since the module is a high-precision device, in order to avoid unnecessary interference, it is recommended to use a linear power supply.

(3) It is recommended to use SMA to BNC line input and output signals for output signals. Use an oscilloscope to observe the effect. Poor contact or poor quality wires may cause signal attenuation or excessive noise.

(4) The filter measurement generally adopts the oscilloscope point frequency method. If possible, it can be tested with a frequency sweeper or a vector network analyzer.

(5) If you need to simply test the function of the module, you can supply it normally, and you must input an external clock board to work properly.



Frequently asked questions



Q: The output waveform of the module is jagged, and the noise is relatively heavy. Is the effect correct?

A: TLC1069 is a switched capacitor filter, and the sawtooth of the switching frequency will appear on the waveform. Generally, it looks obvious when the clock frequency is relatively low. It is recommended to use a good wire, or add an analog low pass filter to the output to make the waveform Much better, the module is shipped after inspection and testing, there is no problem with the normal driving effect.

Q: Can the modules be cascaded?

A: The modules can be directly cascaded, and the filtering effect is directly superimposed.

Q: What is the amplitude of the external clock input?

A: It is recommended to input a square wave of ± 5V as a clock signal.


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