TPS5430 24V to positive and negative 5V12V15V  switching regulator power supply module board single power to dual power supply
TPS5430 24V to positive and negative 5V12V15V  switching regulator power supply module board single power to dual power supply image 1
TPS5430 24V to positive and negative 5V12V15V  switching regulator power supply module board single power to dual power supply image 2

TPS5430 24V to positive and negative 5V12V15V switching regulator power supply module board single power to dual power supply

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When using ± 15V power supply, the difference between supply voltage and negative voltage should not exceed the safe voltage of the chip as far as possible.
If other outputs are needed, the customers need to adjust themselves. The output range of this module should be between ± 3V~± 15V.
Formula Used by Users when Configuring Output Voltage: R2 = R1*1.221/VOUT-1.221 (Positive Voltage)
For example, for + 5V output, when R1 is 10KΩ, R2 should be matched with 3.24KΩ. R4 = R3*1.221VOUT-1.221 negative pressure)
For example, when R3 is 10KΩfor - 5V output, R4 should be 324KΩ. This module is a step-down module. The input signal needs to be more than 1V.
If 5V output is required, the input voltage should be greater than 6V. Similarly, if the output is± 12V, the input voltage should be greater than 13V.
The output voltage is +15V and the input voltage is higher than 16V. Module output current: positive @3A(MAX) negative @2A(MAX)
TPS5430 module shipping list
Module + PDF information + after-sale technical support + electrostatic bag packaging + shockproof foam
(1) The module interface of our store is clear and the performance is stable. Please combine the data provided by our store to perform functional verification under the corresponding experimental conditions.
(2) The basic parameters of this module are in the detail page, providing PDF information of the module information; engineering documents are not provided, please be clear to the buyer, if you have operational problems, you can consult customer service.
(3) Buyers, before using the module, please read the details page of this module to understand the power supply and use restrictions, to avoid damage to the module due to improper operation.
(4) Our modules are guaranteed to provide real module parameters, functions and pictures, and all modules will be shipped after detection.
Module parameters
Module model: TPS5430
Module type: switching power supply
Input voltage: 5.5V-28V; recommended to use below 28V, recommended to be lower than 21V input for ±15V output
Output voltage: multiple; three specifications are available: ±5V, ±12V, ±15V. Input voltage needs to be greater than the output voltage to output normally Vout+=1.221 (R1/R2+1) Vout-=-1.221 (R3/R4+1 )
Output current: 3A (MAX); not recommended for long-term high current use, negative pressure 2.5A (MAX)
Input and output pressure difference: about 1V
Output power: 15W (5V/3A); for reference only
Static power consumption: 16mA for reference only
Switching frequency: 500KHz
Output ripple: 24mV: +5V; 56mV: -5V
Module protection: none; no peripheral reverse connection protection, no peripheral fuse protection
Module features: multiple; low noise, low ripple; with output power indicator
Module application: multiple; power supply of operational amplifier, power supply of data converter, industrial automation control, LED lighting, industrial control equipment, communication equipment, power equipment, instrumentation
Module weight: 25g
Module size: 50×50×12; length×width×height (mm)
Module heating: the greater the load, the greater the heating; pay attention to heat dissipation
Working temperature: 0-70℃; civil grade
Module interface: 5.08-2P*4
Module description
TPS5430 module is a high current output: 3A (peak 4A) wide voltage input range: 5.5-3.6V power supply module. The best state of theoretical conversion rate can reach 95%. Wide voltage output range: fixed 500kHz conversion rate, with overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown function, with switch enable pin, off state only 17uA quiescent current internal soft start Compared with other DC switching power conversion chips of the same type, TPS5430D has high conversion The rate is more worthy of attention.
The TPS5430 module is a positive and negative power output, and the actual measured efficiency is about 88%. The negative pressure conversion rate is lower than the positive pressure. Regular layout, strict layout according to the design specifications of the power circuit, generous materials, small ripple, positive and negative power output is convenient and practical. Suitable for student competition modules and individual project development.
Notes on using the module
(1) The module belongs to the step-down type module, the input voltage needs to be greater than the output of more than 1V to stabilize the output.
(2) The heating of the module is mainly determined by the input and output voltage difference and the load current. Please choose and use the power module reasonably, and generally need to reserve a certain margin.
(3) The description of the baby's details in this shop is mainly for positive and negative 5V output models, especially when using high power 10W (output 5V2A, output 15V/O.67A) or more, please buy the heat dissipation silicone grease heat sink and other pairs of chips Conduct heat dissipation. With better heat dissipation conditions, it is best to control within 30W (output 15V, 2A) for long hours to avoid damage to the chip.
Frequently asked questions
Q: What is the difference between the two TPS5430 positive and negative power modules in the store?
A: The function and performance are similar, the installation method is different, and the materials of the patch are better.
Q: My input voltage is normal, why can't the module output normally?
A: The switching power supply module has a starting current limit. The input power supply needs to have an instantaneous output capability of more than 300mA to start the module.
Q: What is the situation of the module supplying 12V, outputting positive pressure 10V and negative pressure 12V?
A: The module is a step-down module. The input voltage needs to be greater than the output 1V to stabilize the output.
Q: What happens when the tantalum capacitor explodes on power?
A: Since tantalum capacitors are more sensitive to voltage and ripple, too high voltage and excessive ripple may damage tantalum capacitors. Generally, tantalum capacitors can be used after they are replaced. Or convert aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

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